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Next Fertility Pilsen


Why should you choose Next Fertility Pilsen for your treatment?


Our team draws from more than 30 years of experience and research in the field. All our doctors and nurses have worked in reproduction medicine for years and keep extending their experience by everyday provision of the best possible care and help to our patients.

Short waiting time

If you choose to become our patients you will certainly appreciate the short waiting period before the initial interview and the therapy itself. You can start the therapy immediately – subject to the female patient´s menstrual cycle.

Treatment success

Our clinic can boast of excellent long-term results. Thanks to highly trained staff, experienced medical team, in-house research and state-of-the-art technology we guarantee high success percentage of achieved pregnancies.

In-house genetic laboratory

Genetic analysis included in our fertility treatment is used for examination of unfertilised and fertilised egg focused on finding potential genetic disorders before the egg is introduced to the mother’s uterus. Our centre can boast of our own genetic laboratory offering these examinations.

Sensitive and personal approach

We approach each couple sensitively and with consideration of their individual situation and try to select the best procedure tailored to the situation according to our best professional knowledge and available options. We want our patients to feel that they are in good hands and heath state of all parties has been considered.

Linguistic skills - DE, EN, IT, CZ, RU

All members of our staff speak Czech and German and most of them also English and Russian. We use a certified interpreter for Italian couples. In the context of further education we improve our knowledge of other languages to be able to offer improved service and become your best partner.

24/7 support

Our info centre is available throughout the treatment period – on email and on the phone. Your questions will be answered without delay by our nurses or forwarded to your attending physician. In the case of acute health problem outside our centre working hours you will be provided with a direct emergency telephone contact to a doctor. Our centre is available from Monday to Friday but we are prepared for weekend work should your health condition need it.


Our centre is situated right in the historic centre of Pilsen. Most hotels are within walking distance from our centre which is something you will certainly appreciate, whatever the therapy you undergo. Problem-free access by car is provided thanks to the nearby "Rychtářka" park house.

Comprehensible prices

At the beginning of your therapy you will receive our price list which you can study at home and ask questions about in consultation with one of our coordinators. We want the price to be clearly understood from the very beginning. You need not be afraid of any hidden or additional charges not included in the price list.


Five is the mean number of embryos you will receive for the purpose of treatment with donated oocytes. Our programme guarantees at least two embryos in the contract but the mean number of embryos the recipient receives per donation cycle is 5. Our centre guarantees blastocysts, i.e. fertilised eggs, which is much more convenient for the patient than non-fertilised egg guarantee.