IVF Zentren Prof. Zech - Pilsen

Our Center

IVF Zentren Prof. Zech - Pilsen

Our Center

Our IVF Center in Pilsen was founded in 2003 as a place of work of professionals in assisted reproduction. The centre thus follows the success of the Austrian IVF Zentren centre Prof. Zech in Bregenz, offering help to infertile clients since 1984. We possess extensive experience in infertility treatment supported by years of in-house research. This does not mean to lag behind – rather to the contrary. Thanks to our further education system, periodic training and practice our team keeps improving and developing new methods that may contribute to even greater success of infertility treatment.

State-of-the-art equipment of our centre goes without saying. We are also very proud of our genetic laboratory greatly influencing success of our treatment thanks to the offered pre-implementation genetic testing.

Our Team

Team of doctors

MUDr. Libor Hradecký Ph.D.

Medical director

Specialist in gyneacology and obstetrics, specialized in reproductive medicine

MUDr. Renáta Krmíčková, Ph.D.

Head of the IVF Laboratory Pilsen

Specialist in gyneacology and obstetrics, specialized in reproductive medicine

MUDr. Pavel Vlček

Specialist in gyneacology and obstetrics, specialized in reproductive medicine

Medical service

Bc. Monika Novotná

Head of the Medical Service

Registered Nurse

Kateřina Otásková, Dis.

Registered Nurse

Andrea Vakešová

Registered Nurse, OBGYN Assistant

Michaela Davidová

Registered Nurse

Petra Vyletová, Dis.

Ordination Assistant


Mgr. Lukáš Gold

Deputy Head of the IVF Laboratory Pilsen

Healthcare bioanalytics, Specialist in laboratory methods

MUDr. Jitka Zemanová

Specialized in reproductive medicine, microbiology

Mgr. Lucie Špuláková

Quality manager

Healthcare bioanalytics, Specialist in laboratory methods

Bc. Blabolová Jana

Laboratory technician specialized in embryology

Bc. Veronika Babušková

Biomedical laboratory assistant

Pavla Nováková

Clinical laboratory scientist

Genetics laboratory

RNDr. Martina Hrubá, Ph.D.

Head of the Genetic Laboratory

Medical laboratory scientist - clinical cytogeneticist, specialized in laboratory methods in medical genetics

Ing. Anna Rykovská

Clinical geneticist, specialized in laboratory methods in medical genetics

Bc. Monika Pittrová

Laboratory technician


Kotrčová Kateřina

Chief executive officer

Michaela Bajerová

Assistant of Chief executive officer


Bc. Martina Motysová

Head of information centre

Registered Nurse

Bc. Eva Jandová

Information centre, IVF Coordinator

Registered Nurse

Mgr. Simona Sýkorová

Information centre, IVF Coordinator

Michaela Jelínková

Information centre, IVF Coordinator

Barbora Živná

Information centre, IVF Coordinator

Bc. Viktorie Gabrielová

Business and marketing development

Vladimíra Goetzke

Billing, Back office

Bc. Jana Krejčová



Ivana Zahradníková

Head of the Hygiene department

Helena Sýkorová


Career and job offers

You can find our current job offers here. You can find our current job offers here. If you have the necessary qualifications and experience and are interested in a career in a leading center for reproductive medicine, we look forward to your unsolicited application. Please send us an e-mail including CV to:

Maybe we are just looking for you!

Joint leaders in treatment, technology and research

Since the founding of the IVF Centers Prof. Zech 35 years ago in Bregenz, new sites in several European countries have been added continuously. This was also the case in 2018, when the IVF Centers Prof. Zech became part of the NEXTCLINICS Group. Thus the team of internationally renowned specialists – which is now significantly larger than in the past – will continue to play an active and leading role in the further development of assisted reproduction techniques. Our common goal remains to provide infertile couples with optimal treatment in order to enhance their individual chances of achieving a successful pregnancy resulting in the birth of a healthy child.

IVF Zentren Prof. Zech


Dr. Maximilian Murtinger

Römerstraße 2
6900 Bregenz
T +43 5574 44836
F +43 5574 44836 9
E zech@ivf.at
W www.ivf.at

IVF Zentren Prof. Zech


Prof. Dr. Dietmar Spitzer

Innsbrucker Bundesstraße 35
- Bindergasse 1-3
5020 Salzburg
T +43 662 9010 5000
F +43 662 9010 5009
E office@kinderwunsch-salzburg.at
W www.kinderwunsch-salzburg.at

Zentrum Prof. Zech


Aachener Straße 338
50933 Cologne
T +49 221 969 88000
F +49 221 969 88009
E office@kinderwunsch-ivf-koeln.de
W www.kinderwunsch-ivf-koeln.de

Praxisklinik Frauenstraße


Prof. Dr. Karl Sterzik

Frauenstraße 51
89073 Ulm
T +49 0731 966510
F +49 0731 9665130
E info@kinderwunsch-ulm.de
W www.kinderwunsch-ulm.de

IVF Zentren Prof. Zech


Bahnhofstrasse 123a
9244 Niederuzwil
T +41 71 950 1580
F +41 71 950 1581
E zech@fivet-ivf.ch
W www.fivet-ivf.ch

ProCrea Swiss Fertility Center


Dr. Michael Jemec

Via Clemente Maraini 8
6900 Lugano
T +41 91 924 55 67
F +41 91 924 55 56
E info@procrea.ch
W www.procreaivf.de

NEXTCLINIC Meran s.r.l.


Dr. Giorgio Comploj

Mühlgraben 9
Fossato Mollini
39012 Merano
T +39 0473 270470
F +39 0473 239425
E info@fivet-ivf.it
W www.fivet-ivf.it



Prof. Marco Filicori

Viale del Lavoro 25/A
37135 Verona
T +39 045 582447
F +39 045 2223222
E info@gynepro.it
W www.gynepro.it



Prof. Marco Filicori

Via Tranquillo Cremona 8
40137 Bologna
T +39 051 442094
F +39 051 441135
E medical@gynepro.it
W www.gynepro.it

IVF Zentren Prof. Zech


MUDr. Libor Hradecký Ph.D.

B. Smetany 2
30100 Pilsen
Czech Republic
T +420 377 279 350
F +420 377 279 352
E office@ivf-institut.cz
W www.ivf-institut.cz

NL-CLINIC Gest IVF s.r.o.


Dr. Monika Poláková

Nad Buďánkami II/24
150 00 Prague
Czech Republic
T +420 257 212 516 - 518
E info@gest.cz
W www.gest.cz



Dr. Luís Alberto Quintero Espinel

Avda. Burjassot 1
46009 Valencia
T +34 637 038 190
F +34 963 16 02 41
E international@imer.es
W www.imer.es



Dr. Luís Alberto Quintero Espinel

Calle Marqués de Campo 60
03700 Denia
T +34 963 160 240
E info@imer.es
W www.imer.es

Fertility Clinic Nordic


Pärnu Straße 67a (7. Stock)
10134 Tallinn
T +372 607 0017
E info@ivfnordic.com
W www.fertilityclinicnordic.com