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Preimplantační genetické testování (PGT)

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Preimplantační genetické testování (PGT)

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PGT for fertility treatments

Following these steps:

First contact with our IVF centre

You will set up a date of your first consultation over the phone with our IVF coordinator (see contact information) or you can book a date online here.

Consultation in our IVF centre

First consultation takes place in our centre with one of our fertility specialists. Together you will consult all possibilities of the treatment. The gynecologist and ultrasound examination are usually done; blood and sperm samples could be taken as well. Every pair is thoroughly informed about the course, costs and risks of the IVF therapy with genetic examination. According to the individual situation of the pair the consultation with a clinical geneticist could be recommended. This genetic consultation can take place in our IVF centre as well.

Selection of the most suitable examination procedure

Your treating doctor together with the geneticist will select the most suitable examination method for you and inform you in detail about the whole examination process. By some types of PGT (e.g. for monogenic disease) blood sampling of both partner and other family members is necessary for the preparation of the examination of the embryos (so called "set-up”).

IVF cycle

At the beginning of the therapy you will receive a treatment protocol. The protocol will be thoroughly explained to you so you will know how to use properly the prescribed medication. The aim of the therapy is to induce the production of bigger number of mature follicles in the ovaries than in nature cycle. The date of an egg-retrieval by follicle puncture is set based on the ultrasound controls. The retrieved egg cells are fertilised by selected sperm of the partner in our IVF laboratory. The fertilised eggs are placed in an incubator and they are cultivated there until they reach the blastocysts stage.

Collection of the sample for genetic testing

During the cultivation process the cells necessary for the genetic testing are extracted from the embryo or egg (the standard procedure is currently the trophectoderm biopsy). The embryos are then frozen in the blastocyst stage until the results of genetic testing are available.

Sample analysis in the genetic laboratory

The sample is analysed by our qualified staff using a corresponding examination method in the genetic laboratory. The genetic team is also responsible for the interpretation of the results and for drawing up the laboratory result that is handed to your treating physician.

Transfer of an healthy embryo into the uterus

The treating doctor will inform you about the laboratory genetic result and whether the embryo transfer is/is not recommended. The doctor will go once again with you through all the possibilities and risks of the therapy once again and you will make decision to either undergo the embryo transfer or agree with your doctor on other possible steps that should be made within your therapy. According to the individual situation another consultation with clinical geneticist could be recommended. This genetic consultation can take place in our IVF centre.