IVF Zentren Prof. Zech - Pilsen


Genetic Laboratory
IVF Zentren Prof. Zech – Pilsen s.r.o.

Genetic analysis and consultation

Our Genetic Laboratory is focused on preimplantation genetic examinations, i.e. on specialized genetic examinations of the embryonal cells collected in the early embryonal development following in vitro fertilization.

We are accredited medical laboratory according to ISO 15189:2012. → Documents to download

The Genetic Laboratory IVF Zentren Prof. Zech – Pilsen is a part of the centre of assisted reproduction IVF Zentren Prof. Zech – Pilsen, Ltd. that belongs to the international network of the IVF centres of Prof. Zech. The IVF centres of Prof. Zech are world-respected institutions in the field of implementation of new technologies in the treatment of infertility and development of medical options for assisted reproduction with the aim to increase individual chances for the birth of a healthy child. The IVF centre of Prof. Zech in Pilsen is a clinically and scientifically oriented department that cooperates with its subsidiaries in exchange of experience in the field of treatment of infertility throughout Europe and with other clinics and universities. In 2018 all IVF centres of Prof. Zech became a part of NEXCLINICS company that only helped to increase our international activities.

Additional genetic examinations, including preconception testing revealing hidden genetic risks for the offsprings, are provided in our partner laboratory in the NEXTCLINICS network Genetika Ltd, Pilsen.