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Egg Donation

Information for Egg Donors

What requirements do I have to fulfill in order to be accepted as an egg donor in the Czech Republic?

At Next Fertility Pilsen we accept women between the ages of 18 and 35, according to legal requirements. In addition, being in excellent physical and mental health is also an indispensable prerequisite in order to become a candidate for egg donation.

How safe is the treatment?

When it comes to IVF treatment with donor eggs, particular attention is payed to minimizing the physical and mental burden for the donor. We strictly adhere to the applicable legal provisions prescribed by EU directives and national legislation. In order to enable the collection of several oocytes, the donor’s ovaries are hormonally stimulated in a gentle and careful way. This will protect the donor from undue risk exposure with regard to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.
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What assistance can I expect from the IVF Center throughout the treatment process?

During the initial consultation, the attending doctor establishes the therapy plan in consultation with the egg donor. The donor will then be provided with a comprehensive information package, offering valuable support and advice. Should the donor have any questions, we are available at any time by phone. Egg donation is a non-remunerated process. It is, however, allowed to individually compensate the donor for the costs incurred (e.g. travel, time spent on medical consultations, medication costs).

What can the egg recipient learn about me?

Given the legal provisions in the Czech Republic, egg donation is an anonymous act. The donors are matched to the recipient couples on the basis of phenotypic characteristics (e.g. body height, body weight, hair color, eye color, blood group), without however disclosing the donor’s identity.