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Committed to excellence

The IVF Centers Prof. Zech are one of the leading European clinic groups when it comes to treating unwanted childlessness. The group’s headquarters are in Bregenz, where Prof. Herbert Zech founded the first Austrian private IVF clinic in 1984. Back then, he already wanted to meet the most stringent requirements in terms of the quality of his work and the health of all persons involved, according to the principle: Committed to excellence.

The IVF Centers Prof. Zech enjoy worldwide renown in the field of establishing and successfully using new techniques in treating unwanted childlessness as well as further developing medical options in assisted reproductive technology (ART) in order to enhance the couple’s chances of conceiving and delivering a healthy child - if possible as early as the “first treatment-cycle”. In their clinics in Austria and the neighboring countries they have thus pioneered, inter alia, the procedure of culturing embryos to the blastocyst stage, the diagnostics of embryos by means of EmbryoScope and 24Sure Genetic Screening (new techniques allowing for a more precise analysis and assessment of embryonic development), the establishment of new criteria for sperm selection, the optimization of freezing oocytes and embryos using asceptic vitrification (novel freezing procedure, where cells are converted into a "glass-like" state), the standardization of procedures to enable the objective and reliable evaluation of follicular development to name but a few.

Due to their commitment to excellence, being at their patients’ disposal 7 days a week has always been a matter of course for the IVF Centers Prof. Zech. This is of major importance because:

  • The optimum time for follicular puncture cannot be predicted and may vary significantly from patient to patient
  • Due to blastocyst selection and prolonged culture of embryos up to 5 days it goes without saying that embryo transfer has to be performed according to the individual situation on any day of the week!

Committed to excellence!

To date, this is the guiding principle that is valid for all of the group's state-of-the-art IVF centers. Each of the centers stands for responsible planning and effective performance of IVF treatments by highly trained specialist teams. We understand that childlessness is an issue that can put a massive strain on the couple's relationship. That is why we attach special importance to the well-being of the couples in an open and friendly atmosphere.

Our mission - our guiding principle

We are striving for excellence in every aspect of the care we provide in order to help couples conceive and deliver a healthy baby - if possible as early as the "first treatment-cycle".























What matters most to us? We are among the progressive leaders in the field of assisted reproductive technologies and you can rely and trust upon the safety of our therapies. In each of our IVF centers a team of caring professionals is ready to welcome you in a pleasant ambience.







We deploy highly qualified, motivated and committed doctors, biologists, medical and administrative staff.









We offer our patients the most recent, technically possible and reasonable treatment options tailored to meet each couple’s individual needs.








A company is significantly characterized by its employees. Our employees share the delight of their given tasks. This commitment and enthusiasm is transferred to colleagues as well as to patients and other persons visiting our IVF centers.








Committed to excellence!


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